Friday, May 4, 2012

The Last Summmmmer

As finals come to a close...kind of...all I can seem to think about is summmmmer. What's significant (and horribly sad) about this summer, is that it's the last one. All of our lives we've waited for the bell to ring on that last day of school, or to fill in the final bubble on our last final of the semester. And while we have dreaded those school days with bitter hatred, at least we knew summer was coming. Once we graduate from college we don't get summers. I don't know if you realized, but the REAL world doesn't have summer break. REAL jobs don't last nine months of the year. It's a horrible place, the REAL world...

But alas. It's all the more reason to enjoy the wonders of summer one last time. Here is my list of things to do in Columbia this summer:

1. As per usual, I intend to take a million pictures. What's the point of having an epically, incredible last summer if you can't remember it as you becoming old and your memories fade away with your decrepit, wrinkled body?

2. Some pictures and some video please. I'm never good at remembering to bring the video camera, but I will try!

3. Sunbathing. I will do this until I am a bright shade of pink.

4. Have a garage sale of all the worthless crap in our basement. Invite a ripped guy to model in his whitie tighties (as shown below). I have a few guys in mind that could definitely generate sales. Yeah yeah...I'm a marketer.

5. Ride bikes! On the MKT trial, around the town, maybe even take on the Katy Trail if we're feeling up to it.

6. Run daily or semi-daily. I would like to be that super motivated person who wakes up and runs before work...also, this would allow time for me to start drinking immediately after work.

7. Have a bonfire party. I hear word that Eldon will be having a few...

8. Take a St. Louis road tip! Shopping, Anheuser-Busch tour, CITY MUSEUM and anything else I can think of before then.

9. Speaking of road trip...I'd like to venture to Carthage, MO to enjoy one of the few remaining drive-in theatres. Is it "theater" or "theatre"??

10. Drunk Twister. I hear it's fun.

11. I have never karaoke'd and would lovvvve to. Look at this picture :) Guy pissed his pants. Bahahaha. Loser...

12. Apparently there is an Ozarks BBQ on Father's Day at the Lake...might be a good excuse to meet up with the family over the summer?

13. Break a world record. Might as well, got nothin' better to do.

14. Family road trip to see Aunt Sarah and company in Los Angeles ! They just moved it should be a fun time. If you think my list is extensive, wait till you see Mom's To Do list for San Diego. Crazzzy.

15. Take the train...from Jeff City to anywhere. I just think it would be fun. I haven't done it in forever and I like adventures.

16. SILVER DOLLAR CITY is a place where dreams come true. Apparently, it has a rep for being trashy...but then again Trever knows jackshit. I am forcing my friends to go. It is so glorious.

17. Complete my perfectly, awesome resume.

18. Float trips. With Fiji (July 27 and 28 if you wanna go) and with friends. I lovvvvve these. I have already started a playlist.

19. Ride the mechanical bull at Whiskey Wilds. I've never done it and I think I should. Plus...if this horrifying ginger can do it, you apparently don't need a soul. So I should be solid.

20. Attend Roots and Blues! And run the half marathon they host...thus putting my previous goal of regular running to use.

21. Crash a wedding. Don't know how, don't know when, but I will.

22. You write truths/dares on Jenga pieces and when it falls you have to do that truth/dare. Cute. Reeeeal cute.

23. Aaaawwh, the Testicle Festival. Yes well. The Eldon boys introduced us to this and we can't very well NOT go. Once in a lifetime opportunity right here...

24. Get a tiny rose tattoo. Maybe...
I promised myself I would not get a tattoo until I had an internship and was employable...well guess what m'kers. GOT ONE.

25. Be with Friends. Literally...THESE Friends...not mine. That would be lame.

26. Be hilarious and awesome and drunk when with friends.

27. See Miss Emilie Bell and My Politic on their summer tour! Woot woot. I designed these by the way...

28. There will be so much frisbee'ing. I LOVE FRISBEE'ING.

29. Go out for a FAKE Bachelorette Party. Can we pull it off? Probably not. But worth a try! Would make for a great story...

30. Watch Clue as a drinking game. Drink when: someone looks at the maid’s breasts, an accusation is made, someone dies or you hear thunder. Easy enough.

32. Go to Vegas? I need to sometime, so I might as well set my goals high!

33. Scrapbook it all. I've already got the book ready. Yesssz.

34. Say yes. This is a thing I always try to do. You never know what things you could do and cool people you could make friends with if you just say yes to opportunities that arise. Even when they seem not fun, or scary. Look at my internship. I got that because I FORCED myself to go to that stinkin' Career Fair even though I hated it and felt super uncomfortable. So, that's my motto this summer: Say yes.

If you have any other ideas, or want to be in on some of these awesome plans, leave a comment and let me know!


  1. You didn't say 'yes' to London. Clearly I've not quite let it go... Sorry 'bout that. Love you anyway. :)

  2. Glad I made the is L A though this California stint. we're a couple hrs outside but have lots of adventures is store...hiking in Sierra Nevadas, landing sailing, mountain biking, pool with attached Barefoot Bar is 2doors down :) Also of note Vegas is on the way although I think you're flying. And PS just started my new job and got up 4 days at 5:30 to run, are you proud?

  3. You are already doing better at my list than I am, Sarah! The running I've decided to put off just a few more days until summer officially starts...that's fair right?

    Gaaaah! I can't wait to visit :) Whatever we're doing, I'm sure it will be incredible! Though, Vegas isn't exactly a place I want to go with my mom and younger me crazy...

  4. Dis just made me saaaaad. I want to be there for all of these things! I like 27 though :) Did you plan putting on matching it with the date of my birth? If so, you're awesome.